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Global Leisure time company services is a medium sized local Danish company. A travel bureau dealing with wide variety of services.

It is a company which was founded in June 2011, with the aim of helping the youth in development working and Education.

The company was founded by Gladys Storm. It has tremendous growth in several european countries, which includes Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Belgium, Latvia, France, England, Greenland, Norway, Switzerland and many more...


In order to be competitive as possible in the market, Global Leisure Times is a market leader with specialism in various travel,work and Education services,We  also provide a youth development in Botswana and work as an agent for the Botswana Self Guide Camping and Safari. A Company which comprised of  highly skilled and experienced safari guide.




Global Leisure Time is focused on delivering promises,fulfiling commitments and continously investing in the quality of our services.




We are the most competitive company in the market,providing an excellent package tailor made to your needs and requirements.We are  helping those who want to travel, work or study abroad. We are striving to treat our customers as we would treat our family member.





Remember you are in safe hands and we will take care of you whenever you travel. You will never go wrong***

Travel with Global Leisure times all the time.